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I'm a consultant at a large international management consultancy with a focus on advanced analytics.

I solve complex problems using analytic tools and then create the conditions for organizations to benefit from these tools and to build up the ability to keep developing them independently in the future.

On my blog, I review books and add snippets of what I've learned in my work life — plus the occasional bit of everything else (e.g. paper discussions, pieces of code).

I was previously a researcher in economics, so this website also contains links to my papers and materials.

I'm always happy to chat about interesting ideas, so feel free to reach out.


  • PhD Economics. University of Bonn (2018)
  • PhD trainee and external consultant to the European Central Bank (2017, 2018)
  • MSc Economics. University College London (2013)
  • BA Economics. University of Zurich (2011)

Any views or statements expressed are mine and not those of my current or former employers.